The confused mind

Everyone has his own work and problems even if you don’t think he/she has, but when that person literally sets you on the top priority for an event again that also on your demand, and in return, you prioritize that person(also with no reason) at last in your list for that particular event,then surprisingly it’s the most dangerous thing..A big question mark?? Or a joke????😲😠

It’s literally nearly impossible for even Supreme human to cope up with that condition and even when that occurs periodically…..

Everyone needs attention at least on such events but it’s the worst thing to ask for attention, it’s absolutely unethical but still if it’s the last option available to hope for best, one needs a lot of courage to demand that, even with loosing his/her self-esteem.

If you observe this carefully then it makes no sense as how you can achieve something which can keep or maintain your self-esteem, simply by throwing your self-esteem itself…. 🀨

Its call the combine state of devotion, fear, hope, pride, care, selfishness, greed, willpower, confusion, and a lot of expectations filled with curiosity…..


The feeling of being ignored/betrayed is actually a golden opportunity to focus on ourself for nourishing our wishes. But it’s very very difficult and nearly impossible for that particular situation to control our mind, to destroy our anger, although we somewhere know that it has to be done as early as possible.

Definitely keeping yourself busy with other things, doing some random stuff, hanging out with friends are some of options available to get out of that situation but it’s not the exact remedy, these options are only for avoiding the continuation of that situation.

Of course accepting the situation as truth and knowing that our expectation is the main cause may be the option but again the question from our mind/Soul – β€œwhy me?” remains unanswered.

Born without an option, and born as a slave of human relations, it’s impossible to break these chains and free ourself.

Still working on that😊✌️

A Woman

I always wonder why women ask for equality though they are far superior and always have been. The way elephant is tied up with a tiny rope and controlled by ‘elephant keeper’, same happens with a woman. This happens because both the elephant and the woman are unaware of their real strength.

In my opinion, if there is something beautiful, amazing and most powerful then it is a woman. πŸ˜ƒ